KansasFest 2017 Highlights
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Mark Lemmert
2017-07-30 14:12:23 UTC
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Here are a few highlights from KansasFest based on my own observations and comments of others I compiled together, in roughly chronological order.

I'm going from memory, not notes, so there are undoubtably many more; if anyone can think of a highlight I missed please add it to the thread!


Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini of Brutal Deluxe Software talked about the differences in how the Apple II market evolved in France and the United States. They talked about tools they've written recently to assist with Apple IIgs development (ripping graphics, etc).

*Garage Giveaway.

This year was announced as being the last. Later emails indicate there might be one more.

*Converting Games to ProDOS

Qkumba demonstrated ProRWTS and explained the concept behind using it to port games to ProDOS. Prince of Persia running on ProDOS was his grand finale.

*Cracking at Scale

Mark Pilgrim gave a demonstration of his “Passport” software that automates the cracking process for many software titles. Software preservation was discussed a lot, in and out of the sessions. A common sight in the lobby was Mark Pilgrim, Qkumba, John Brooks and others huddled in the corner cracking software at a mind blowing rate as Jason Scott hurled floppy disks in their general direction.

*RetroConnector Presents

Charles Mangin released a //c lead acid battery kit that mounts in a
wooden enclosure, attaching to the bottom of the machine, using the
same holes that mount the floppy drive.

*Talking Sauce.

John Morris' talked about the development of Applesauce. It attaches a Disk ][ via USB directly to your Mac, captures entire disk image at the flux change level, *including* track sync info, then exports EDD and other less-intense formats.

*Fireside Chat: 1980s Stories

Randy Brandt of Beagle Brothers shared stories from the 1980s software development industry, talking with Steve Wozniak and others.

*Lawless Legends: Beta Testing

They announced that beta testing will begin soon.

*Nox Archaist: Kickstater

6502 Workshop announced a Kickstarter campaign to produce a collector's edition of Nox Archaist, including lots of feelies with professionally designed custom artwork such as: a game box, fabric map, printed manual and game artifacts.

Pics of the game box and contents are available at:

The campaign is scheduled to launch in September this year.

*ProDOS: Recent Changes and Future Improvements.

John Brooks talked about future ProDOS enhancements under consideration including the ability to run ProDOS from lower 48k, create RAM disks, and load components of ProDOS modularity to avoid memory usage for functionality that isn't in use by the application.
Andrew Roughan
2017-08-02 13:16:22 UTC
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Post by Mark Lemmert
Here are a few highlights from KansasFest