extra slotboard extending a II
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2020-11-27 03:27:57 UTC
In the light of John Brooks' extensions to prodos 2.4/5, " 10) Extend 4-bit unit DSSS0000 (7x slots, 2x drives) to 8-bit DSSSsddd (14x slots, 16x drives) "
would the II hardware be easily extensable with something as simple as the likes of this busboard + more bus power? http://www.applelogic.org/TheAppleIISlotsBoard.html or are there real limitations as to the bus arbitration logic?
I have friends with more cards than slots....
Do I forsee a resurgence in demand of mac II cases?
2020-11-29 21:17:04 UTC
15-20 years ago I towerized a IIe. As part of that project I wired a board with some slots in parallel with one IIe slot. The idea was to use it with cards that don’t have a slot id. Seemed work well enough.
Micah Cowan
2020-11-30 19:34:06 UTC
Post by ***@gmail.com
The idea was to use it with cards that don’t have a slot id.
Out of curiosity, what does that mean in this context? Cards that simply snoop bus traffic, without containing firmware ROM to call upon to drive it, nor a need to write to screen holes, etc? What sorts of applications were possible? (I've only had an Apple II since about a year ago - though that one has already become four, heh.)
2020-12-02 16:39:23 UTC
Most cards like disk controllers ad printer cards have slot ids. They need a slot to themselves and can’t co-exist with another card. A good example is with the IIe, if you have a card in the Auxiliary slot then most cards won’t work in slot 3. A very few like video cards, accelerators will.