"Moon Patrol is not diagnostics."
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D Finnigan
2020-11-02 18:39:46 UTC
I just read this discussion topic on VCFed and it has the funniest reply
that made me laugh. The subject line is "Is there something wrong with my
Apple IIc?"

OP says, "...and attempted to play Moon Patrol, I was unable to jump..."

And Verault replies, "Why dont you just run diagnostics? Moon patrol is not


And now I'm left with this funny mental picture of lab coat technicians
playing Moon Patrol, but it's actually a diagnostic utility. Or it has a
diagnostic mode (Open-Apple-D). :-D
The New Apple II User's Guide:
2020-11-02 21:11:01 UTC
Post by D Finnigan
OP says, "...and attempted to play Moon Patrol, I was unable to jump..."
Reminds me of the legend of the Pontiac owner whose car would not start if he bought vanilla ice cream ... https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/cone-of-silence/
End user's observations of unexpected behavior can yield important clues even if it sounds a bit silly!
e.g. could be a dirty space bar preventing the press from registering, I don't know if running a diagnostics utility would pick that up unless it walks you through doing a physical keyboard test.
2020-11-02 21:13:09 UTC
P.S. I also got a good laugh out of your mental picture, sorry, I meant to mention that!